Picture a wonderfully fun holiday party in December 2014… surrounded by creative people, delicious food, and well, let’s face it, ample amounts of holiday cheer (aka gooooood wine) and some great ideas were set afire… First came a collaboration of music, lights and amazing coolness as we created some portraits for my dear friend, Lorraine Gervais, and Jacob Aginsky to celebrate their music they are making together! They were performing at The Union’s annual Chocolate Infusion, and the image was used on posters and advertising for the event, including the cover of the entertainment magazine, The Prospector, with this image.

jazz is fun!

Lorraine Gervais and Jacob Aginsky at the Besemer House

As we brainstormed ideas at the party, Lorraine said they were also accompanying the dance troupe, Bow-tie Beauties Burlesque for their valentine’s day show… “You should photograph them,” Lorraine said. So I met with founder, Marissa “Tiger Lily” Hernandez and presented an idea that each dancer choose an image from the inspiration board that spoke to her, and we scheduled the sessions! Ten dancers, three singers and a favorite collaborator, Heather Sanderson, all in 4 days with a children’s portrait session in between. I was up all week… what? I can sleep when I am dead… The outcome, a show called A Pinch of Shy, to run for the month of February at the Center for the Arts. Thirteen artfully printed, matted and framed images are now hanging in the Granucci Gallery at the Center, which is open from noon to 5:00 PM, Monday thru Saturday, until 2/21. The images have cause quite a stir, and I just love people who stop me and say they wish they could have images like that of themselves… Sooooo…

Grass Valley vintage portraits

By popular demand… You can find your own “Pinch of Shy” at vintage burlesque soiree session at my Grass Valley studio. The idea is to find up to two friends you love and come and have your hair and make up done by the amazing Heather Sanderson, and then we will style you on our various sets and you will receive a print of your gorgeous self. Do this for yourself in celebration of the woman you are… Sessions are 2 1/2 hours long, and start as low as $95 each for three friends to share a session. If you prefer to have us all to yourself, the session fee is $295, and you will receive all 3 prints, or credit toward various other products we offer! To book your session, or for any questions, please call me at (530) 830-9189 or use the contact form above, and I’ll get back to you! And if you’re too shy to think this burlesque thing is for you, don’t worry… you can also book a regular portrait session either in conjunction with some friends or on your own! Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and have a great image of themselves – no matter what your age, your size, or your style!!

Springtime, cherry blossoms, and love is in the air!! Looking for something to set your sweetheart’s blood to boiling? Check out the performance by these amazing women at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley!

Grass Valley Glamour Photography

Bow-Tie Beauties Burlesque

A Night at the Cabaret – VALENTINES DAY

Featuring the Bowtie Beauties Burlesque,

Lorraine Gervais, Kate Haight, Jamal Walker and The Sin City Orchestra

with DJ Mysdefy
Tiger Lily & MsBe Presents
Saturday, February 14, 9:00PM
$25 general admission
$35 includes reserved seats on the floor and cocktail service
For tickets call or email Marissa at (530)340-3484
or email bowtiebeauties@yahoo.com

Burlesque & Live Music 9:00-11:30PM
DJ dance party with DJ Mysdefy 11:30-2:00AM

Music by Lorraine Gervais and the Sin City Orchestra will bring the beat around every curve… Hold on to your hats, it’s gonna be a sizzler!

Lorraine Gervais and the Sin City Orchestra

Lorraine Gervais with Kate Haight and Taylor Harris


And while you’re there, visit my exhibition of prints in the Granucci Gallery, called “A Pinch of Shy



Nick and Tara

Nick and Tara

Tara-esession-009 Collage 4

So excited to celebrate the wedding of these two lovely people in spring 2015! We had a great time running around in the fog this week at the lighthouse for their engagement session! They are excellent artistic collaborators :^)!! Check back for more images and the gallery link shortly!

I fell completely in love with Rachel and her girls the moment I met them… I loved all her hand crafted details, and the bond between Rachel and her friends and family was such a wonderful backdrop for a perfect wedding! Held on the property of a family friend that sits above a beautiful pond, the ceremony was a mixture of laughs and tears as their officiant spoke about the couple and their families! The food was delicious, especially all the Italian cookies and pastries made by Alex’s mom and grandma. Check back for more images, but for now, here is the best set of girlfriends a bride could ask for!

Creative and fun bridesmaid photos

Rachel and her girls


Maternity Portrait Session at home

Jenny and Eric’s maternity session at home

Since relocating to Grass Valley, I have clients scattered all over California that I photograph… One of my favorite things is when one of my wedding couples expands their family! It can happen in so many ways and is always cause to celebrate! Recently I was in San Francisco to capture this special nesting time for Eric and Jenny! We talked about our ideas for the session, and they wanted to show off their lovely room they made for the baby girl they were expecting, but also wanted some images that looked like they had been done in the studio! This image was captured as the beautiful sunlight poured into the baby’s room, which has bright white walls with colorful zoo characters on them! I have a fondness for beautiful abstract maternity images that show off a woman’s spectacular curves, so I knew I wanted a few images like this, despite the light airy feeling in their home! Congratulations to Eric & Jenny on the birth of the lovely baby Charlotte, and I can’t wait to meet her for her first session!!! Much love and happiness to all my readers in this brand new year!!!

One of my favorite things about living and working in Grass Valley is all the wonderful new people we have met here! April and Eric and their two adorable boys are always great fun to photograph… we have had so many fun sessions, but today in the studio there was one smiley birthday boy, and so much cuteness!!! Happy first birthday Cade, and I love watching you grow up through my lens!! First Birthday Studio Portraits in Grass Valley by Kim Sayre

I haven’t blogged my film images yet… wanna know why? There were so many that I loved that I had a hard time choosing. Seriously. I am in love with the colors in my scans (yes, when I shoot film I still get digital files) We had wonderful models (many of them FINDers and friends of FINDers) for the workshop! Day one I was faced with feeling like I was in high school again… It is strange to think that you are fairly proficient at something, having done it professionally for almost 12 years… but give me a new camera, and film to load into that new magic box, and 5 minutes to shoot each couple, and I felt all brand new and shiny… and a bit frustrated until I got the hang of loading the film… It is good to feel vulnerable in a learning situation. Jon and Joe, and my fellow FINDers were always willing to lend a hand and advise me until I was loading film like I had been doing it for years! Our workshop house was in the SF Marina district, and while it has never been a favorite neighborhood of mine, I really saw things I had never taken the time to see… like ceramic birds in a tree and some really nice architecture, not to mention our lovely models! Here’s a selection of shots from my first day… developed and scanned by the FINDlab… San Francisco Film Portrait Photography

  • lynde - July 5, 2013 - 10:03 am

    so proud, and i LOVE these!! amazing color….sheesh!!

Moving to a new town, trying to serve current clients in the old town, and feeling that I want to differentiate myself in a sea of digital photographers… The situation was ripe for the picking, and when I attended Jonathan Canlas’ FIND Workshop in San Francisco earlier this month, I think I found my new distinction. Film… it’s gorgeous, you don’t have to sit in front of a computer to make the images look amazing, it makes you a better photographer who must meter for exposure and control it… and my new to me Contax 645 camera is a miracle box… That beautiful Carl Zeiss 80mm F2 lens is like nothing else I have on my digital. It is a thing of beauty. So, I loaded it up, and shot some stuff… 14 rolls in 3 days… some people, some scenics, and a bunch of stuff in Chinatown… Got my scans back today… will be adding images to this post shortly. Oh, and I only took two cameras on vacation with me… the Contax 645 and my iPhone. I smell a cool breeze drifting in… Can’t wait to share my most recent passion with my current and new clients!! just look at the color tones, and how perfectly things look right out of the camera… I did not edit anything about exposure or color balance… It’s just perfect – it’s film!

Film portraits available at Kim Sayre Photography

this is the person responsible for inspiring me to shoot film again! Thanks Lynde!

  • Lynde - June 28, 2013 - 8:34 pm

    I am overjoyed that you took the leap of faith. Everyone will enjoy your talent with your amazing images–film really compliments your natural talents. Now you will have so much more time to play!

Who doesn’t want to look younger than your actual age? Having grown up in Florida, I was always told the importance of taking good care of your skin! I feel lucky to have been born into a family where the women have always looked younger than we are (and plus we never act our age either, so bonus!) An integral part of looking fresh and young is having an awesome skin care regime… Something that isn’t easy to do on your own unless you are a professional esthetician (or your best friend, spouse or room mate is one!) My dear friend Lynde Alvarez approached me with a great project a few months ago that she has had in the works for a couple of years… She says to me, “Parasol Atelier – Palo Alto… Google it!” so, of course, I do, and I discover a very funny coincidence! I have known the owner of the salon for 14 years… Lynde tells me, “of course you do… you know everyone!” Yep, things like this just tell me that I am in just the right place at the perfect time! So of course I wanted to be a part of their project together!! We gathered at the Salon with a lovely breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, and set out to photograph several of Julice’s beautiful clients! Everyone was absolutely delightful! Thanks for coming out to the salon and sharing all your beauty… both on the outside AND the inside! Contact the studio for a personal consultation and natural headshot session!

Photography by Kimberly Sayre

Photographed by Kimberly Sayre at Parasol Atelier

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”
― Ansel Adams

belle of the ball, hair by Heather Sanderson, Make up by Lisa Harter

Hair by Heather Sanderson, Make up by Lisa Harter of Danae Marie’s Salon, Grass Valley

and that is my commitment to all who are in front of my camera… I promise to honor you with my photography as you have honored me by choosing me to photograph you!! Grass Valley has become my home so quickly because of the amazing people I have met here! I am going to be back to post more and update my blog with all the groovy things that have been happening at Mill Cottage Photography and Catchlight Workshop Series, but had to post a quick note with Ansel’s beautiful sentiment and Lisa’s beautiful portrait… much love! hair and makeup by Lisa Harter of Danae Marie's Salon

Beach Sunset Portrait session

A beautiful summer day at the beach with Leslie and David!

Haven’t you ever been on a wonderful vacation with your love and really wished you had a great professional portrait of the two of you to remember the special trip by? Well, Leslie was brilliant, and booked a session with me on her wonderful baseball tourism vacation with her husband of 10 years, David! They were the kind of people I felt like I had known forever, and we had a really great time capturing some great images!! We also met some interesting people at the beach… a group of picnickers who didn’t offer to share their beer (LOL), and told us grand tales of a bucket list and frolicked in the waves nearby… The weather in San Francisco was spectacular. Unbelievable that we would have a summer day turn out like this with no fog, and beautiful amazing sweet light!! Seriously, my first July in San Francisco so many years ago all I can remember is trying to watch fireworks on someones roof in the Marina with winter coats and gloves, drinking red wine to keep from freezing to death…

Anyway, thanks to Leslie and David for their great company, and for being willing to dip their Louisiana toes in the chilly Pacific Ocean, and here is a favorite to tide you over til your previews are ready!!!

romantic portraits near the Golden Gate Bridge

I am a sucker for black and white photography… Of course as a visual artist I love color and feel it has its place for sure, but there’s something about a dramatic black and white that just isolates the subject and commands you to look! Nothing to get distracted in but the sultry emotion… and believe me, these two have plenty of that! They wouldn’t stop kissing… all day… and night… and well, duh?? It was awesome! I am so glad they hired me to capture their memories on their beautiful wedding day! And grateful to Lynde for traveling with me to photograph it (you know I want you to shoot with me all the time now… <3) and to Amy and April for having such a wonderful family and introducing me to the whole gang in Texas!! Don’t worry… there will be many more images to come! xoxo

San Antonio Destination Wedding Photographer, Mill Cottage Photography

mmmm... you can just feel it, right through the screen!

a bit behind on my blogging… but I have been traveling and working really hard!!! Mayte and Steven’s San Antonio destination wedding was completely amazing… How could it not be with April of Petalworks at the helm of event design and florals ?! Here are just a few of the beautiful, colorful flowers that April designed for Mayte and the girls…

Texas Wedding Florals by Petalworks

colorful story of individual styles for individual bridal attendants with flair!


Travel like a rock star, yes, please! I love shooting destination weddings, and have been all over in the past couple of years! In the country and out of the country, my gear and I are ready to travel!! Looking forward to Mayte and Steven’s wedding in the Spanish Governor’s Palace in San Antonio, Texas, and having photographed them last September when they came to San Francisco for their engagement session, I know it will be a blast! Flowers, design and coordination by the wonderful April of Petalworks, I am giddy at the thought of how much fun we will will have with all the details and portraits in interesting places… Ahhh… only a few more weeks to wait, and get on the big plane to Texas! Here is a sneak peek of their custom designed wedding guest book… hope you love it!!

Baby Photo session in Napa Valley

Congratulations to Adam, Earl and Ethan!

For many of us, the road to parenthood is fraught with pitfalls and heartbreak… and nothing is more beautiful than when, at the end of a difficult process, we finally hold our child… What I have seen first hand (and blessedly so…) is that it does not matter how you become a family, your child is your child, and the blessings and joy they bring. One of my most rewarding groups of clients I work with are prospective parents who are building their families through open adoption. Ellen Roseman has been a huge force in this movement, and I am so happy to have so many clients who have come from other parents referrals in this special group! My dear friend Melissa and her husband were just blessed with their second baby, and they will have their own special blog post as soon as I get my other computer up here to my new office… and Adam and Earl are now proud papas to this adorable baby, Ethan, and you can just feel the joy that their family exudes! One of my greatest joys is to photograph portraits of new babies and families… It’s spring time here at the cottage, and the pitter patter of tiny feet is a sound most welcomed! Enjoy!


  • Neelie - February 8, 2012 - 4:25 pm

    Beautiful pics Kim! What a sweet baby!!!!

  • Adam Richardson - March 7, 2012 - 6:18 pm

    We had such a great time and LOVE all the photos! Thank you for capturing our family so wonderfully!

I have had the pleasure of shooting quite a few intimate weddings this year, and it is always a joy to be among a small group of people celebrating, whether it be at a hotel suite, San Francisco City Hall, or a quaint venue in the wine country. I have special coverages available for these special occasions whether it be a short coverage for the ceremony and a few portraits, or a longer coverage with photography with one photographer. I’d love to hear more about your intimate wedding, and design a coverage specifically for you! Here is a slide show for Paul and Christine! Warning… the pie images in this slide show will make you hungry!!

Oh, baby… first of all, kudos to Kelly and Kevin for being the fastest couple this season to give me their album choices, which of course means that they will be sharing this lovely wedding album full of the best images from their Big Sur River Inn wedding during the holidays!! They definitely hit the jackpot in bonus images that I included in their book to really show off how incredible their wedding weekend was… The weekend went off with hardly a hitch, due to the attention to detail and creativity of their amazing wedding coordinator, Diane Allen of Elegant Events and Big Sur Weddings! Yowza, this woman is incredibly talented, full of amazing ideas, and knows everyone in the event industry in Big Sur, Carmel, and Monterey… If you are getting married in that area, give Diane a call and save yourself any headaches…

Next, Kelly’s florist, Christine Cater, laid the scene with just the right complement to the amazing atmosphere that is the Big Sur River Inn… I especially loved the “bling” she added to the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets.. awesome. Kelly and Kevin chose teal and purple as their wedding colors, and with the lush green river side location, everything was really just perfect! We spent the whole weekend with them, and everything was casual and relaxed, and we were able to really capture the event well. This is one of my favorite albums I have ever designed, and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands (and place it, ever so reluctantly, in Kelly’s hands!) Don’t worry, I will be ordering multiple copies… Diane and my friends at Big Sur River Inn, and I will have to fight over the rest! ;^P

Orange and Black are everywhere! I love the crisp fall days, and changing leaves of red, green and gold!! It makes me gasp every year that it’s almost holiday time… wow.. my little boy is almost 5 now. I have been photographing him every year in the same pumpkin patch, and I love comparing the images from previous years to see how my baby has grown into such a little boy… This year we stopped by the patch with his best friend, Luci, and I was so happy to get these two active little guys to sit still for a minute so I could grab a shot! They are like brothers, and it is cool to see their relationship grow as they grow up in the same daycare. Next year they will likely be in different kindergartens, but we will work really hard to make sure these best friends see as much of each other as possible!

Fall Portraits in the pumpkin patch

Best Friends at the Pumpkin Patch